Bougie Mallows & more...

Our kitchen is small but with a big love for wonderfully-creative Gourmet Marshmallows & Over-the-Top Treats.

a  gourmet marshmallow dessert with triple berry chocolate topped with berries on a white background
a  gourmet marshmallow dessert with triple berry chocolate topped with berries on a white background
Bougie Mallows - Unique Treats
Bougie Mallows - Unique Treats

Our love, for your love

Our exquisite marshmallows are adapted from a traditional French recipe and handcrafted the old-fashioned way in small batches, using only the finest ingredients and lots of love and attention to detail. Timeless childhood favorites transformed into luxurious puffs of perfection suitable for any occasion such as weddings, parties, showers, meetings, or no occasion at all!

Our kitchen is set up to cater specifically to the decadent treat lover. Of course, it is open to everyone but, only the most special order. It would be great if our confectionary can make you get your own unique treats, because that's where our growing family of happy delectites (someone who adores delectable treats) comes from!

- Sampler pack- Multi Mallows 3pk-

Our pick samplers in Original flavors.



- Topper Mallows 3pk-

3 of Our (EXTRA LARGE) Coffee/Cocoa Toppers. Enjoy a fluffy decadent explosion of flavor added to your favorite HOT beverage! Original flavors.


- Bougie Pretzel Stix-

Pick 3 Decadent Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stix in a variety of wonderful flavors.

3 /$5 or $2 each

**Please note: Prices are for individual sale (unless otherwise noted) Custom orders, market sales, special offers will be priced on a per order basis.

- Mallow/ Cake Pops-

Our MOST requested flavors in creative designs.

Perfect for on-the-go!

$3 ea. of $2/5

- Bougie Krispies-

Your FAVORITE childhood treat taken up a notch!

Seasonally flavored mallow krispy treats with decadent flavors and designs.

$4 or $3/10

- Fluffy Parfaits-

The PERFECT little sweet treat! These little indulgent dreams of fluffy loveliness want to make you smile.

$4 or $3/10

***These products are produced in a home kitchen not subject to public health inspection that may also process common food allergens. if you have safety concerns contact your local health department. Kendall County, IL registration #

The taste that you will remember

Our Mallow factory is small but with a big love for wonderful desserts. Our Mallows have all the premium ingredients for an amazing experience!

Contact us for more details

If you want to know more about our Mallows or have a special request or event, let us know by leaving a messages.

We say "gluten friendly"- meaning that Our Classic Flavor Mallows are made with gluten free ingredients but in an environment that contains gluten. Mallows with additional toppings or fillings may contain tree nuts and/or gluten. This is important for people with celiac. Remember: this is a cottage kitchen, other foods are prepared here. Just want all of my very special customers to be safe & informed.

~Have a beautiful day